Interesting neglected-urban-garden find of the day: this huge weed root had grown through the handle of this broken plastic mug.

I wonder if I can compost the licorice jelly beans.

All done traumatizing transplanting the hostas! Click through for captions.

Here’s hoping I didn’t kill them.

The tulips that were already in the yard are blooming and gorgeous. 

I made a gardening To-Do List

Oy, this is a bit overwhelming. Hoping to get most of the first two sections done today and this weekend (yay long weekends!). Things in bold are physically strenuous.


  • Start tomatoes, tomatillos
  • Start roses, lavender
  • Clear spot to transplant hostas
  • Transplant hostas
  • Dump old potting soil into hole to help fill it
  • Shift earth and remove stones and weeds left side of yard
  • Shift earth and remove stones and weeds right side of yard
  • Clear community garden spot of debris

By April 19th or ASAP:

  • Start scallions, spinach, radishes, and chives in containers
  • Start blue flax in ground

By May 3rd or ASAP:

  • Go to Bartram’s Garden Spring Plant Sale
  • Start arugula and swiss chard in containers
  • Start bachelor’s button and alyssum in ground
  • Move stones to make borders, footpaths

By May 17th:

  • Transplant pepper, tomatoes, tomatillos into community garden plot or pots
  • Start basil in containers, at community garden
  • Start creeping thyme around footpath stones, in pots
  • Start sunflowers, cosmos, morning glories

As necessary/unknown time/don’t want to think about it right now:

  • Buy lots more potting soil
  • Put in perennial plants bought at Bartram’s Garden Spring Plant Sale
  • Move winter-sown things from bottles into ground or containers 
  • Put roses and lavender into containers
  • Transplant landlord’s daffodils, tulips, and irises to better spots
  • Plant elephant ears
  • Move tomato, pepper, tomatillos into intermediate pots
  • Build second bench
  • Stain benches 
  • Obtain mint, oregano from my friend baconcentric
  • Put succulents outside (when sufficiently warm)

In my backyard :D

Did a bit in the garden today.

I’m pretty tired, since yesterday was my working Saturday (which is always a long day) but I went out and fiddled a bit. I picked up all the trash I could find, pulled some of some climbing weed off the fence, pulled up some seedling weeds, and pulled the rocks and dead leaves away from where I thought the hosta was. (Then I came inside, started writing this, remembered I had a picture of where the hosta was, moved leaves from there, and found a hosta spike. I knew this blog was good for something :p I hope I can get it out from under that one rock though, because I don’t think I can move that one. Also there might be another hosta somewhere else? Can’t remember.)

I also had the joy of watching the first of my daffodil buds unfurl over the course of the day. It went from being completely closed to completely open. There’s a bunch more of the daffodils on the way, and the hyacinths are about to burst, too. The buds on my tulips are still tiny, but the landlord’s tulips should be here fairly soon.

There’s something that just might be the tiny beginnings of anemone foliage in the bulb bed, and there’s a single seedling (of lavender) sprouting in the winter sowing containers.

I saw today that my sixth allium had popped up.

I greeted it like a good friend I was surprised to see, “Why, hello there!”

I wonder if I accidentally planted that one upside down or something. It’s only two inches tall while the others are more like eight or ten inches.

I’m glad I have all of them.

Garden updates - click through for more detailed captions. 

In the last picture, you can see clumps of my little mystery bulbs (that were already in the yards) in the upper-left corner. I’ve finally figured out what they are: Star-of-Bethlehem, which makes pretty little white flowers but is pretty much a weed. Guess I’ll dig them up.